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Buying Gold & Silver

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We sell high quality antiques and collectibles
quality antiques and collectibles

We take consignments on quality items, or we will sell for you on ebay. Our store carries a large selection of beautiful and inexpensive silver jewelry. We are also seeking antique electric fans and will pay top dollar. And of course, we pay the best price in town for your 

gold and silver!


Cash For Your Scrap Gold

sell your gold and silver

Before you sell your gold and silver jewelry, make sure your gold does not have any antique value that would trump its meltdown value.

Weigh your gold using a simple kitchen scale. Use an online calculator like to convert the weight into pennyweights or troy ounces - the most common measurements for gold - to determine its value.

Once you’re sure you want to sell, come see Joe or call (860) 496-4635 for more information, then come down and trade your gold and silver for cash!


Let us sell it for you!

Have stuff lying around the house that could be worth something if it was posted on ebay? 

Frustrated because the time it takes to actually sell your things isn’t worth the handful of dollars they’d get you?

our ebay store logo
We will take the hassle out of selling on ebay, and get you the best price! Bring us your items, and we’ll give you an appraisal of it’s value and sell it for you.

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